Horizon Sunset

Horizon Sunset’s music is an ode to endings that lead to new beginnings. It inspires to renew ourselves and pursue higher ideals to strive for while letting go. The sun setting is the sun rising at the same time. It sunsets everyday but not always are we lucky to witness the happening while contemplating the endless horizon unobstructed vision.

#Bloomerangs debut album Horizon Sunset release has been announced for May 12th.  The album produced, arranged and musically directed by Rodrigo Cotelo and Marco Messina features: Marco Messina on Bass, Chris Parker, Musician on Trombone, Euphonium, Snare and Cymbals, Ramiro Flores Sax, Tato Bolognini Brozia on Drums, Dan Zehringer Trumpet and Rodrigo Cotelo Guitar. It also features collaborations of: Ignacio Labrada, Alfredo Monetti Rey, Rodrigo G Pahlen – Artist oficial page, Luis Ravizza, Mauricio Trobo MT Estudio Grabacion Ediciones Fonográficas, Matias Arriola, Jeffrey Parker, Hernan Romero, Maximiliano Nathan, Martin Berloto, Martin Gaviglio, Manuel Contrera, Todd Hildreth, Juan A. Rodriguez, Fede Blois and Miguel Leal!

Horizon Sunset has been Mixed by Martin Berloto, Mastered by Lucas Paquette with the assistance of Levi Brown. Additional credits as follows:

Recorded and Edited by Rodrigo Cotelo and Marco Messina. Mixing Engineer Martin Berloto, Drum Doctor Leo Varga, Cover Art Michael Labrie, Executive Producer Bob Lord, Executive A&R Sam Renshaw, A&R Chris Robinson, Audio Director Jeff LeRoy, Audio Engineering and Mastering Manager Lucas Paquette, Mastering Assistance Levi Brown, Art & Production Director Brett Picknell, Graphic Design Emily Roulo, Marketing Samantha Granville, John Higgins and Willie Mandeville.

#Bloomerangs is part of the PARMA Recordings BigRound records family.

This music is dedicated to the families and friends of all musicians and parties that made the inspiration, creation, performing, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, graphic design among all the other layers of this album possible. You all played a part in this.

Additional thanks to Wright State University School of Music, Sara Diano, Ted Baldwin and Dale Sexton, Phillip Tau, Esteban Klísich, Ismael Viera, Germán Magallanes, Andrés Pigatto, Joseph Filipow, SUDEI, Brad Pickett and the Pickett family, the Parker family, Gonzalo Messina, Julio Berta, Gustavo Ruvertoni, Iñaki Marconi, Diego Soca, Marco Panascía, Susana Camiruaga, Fernando Amaral, Rob Esrock, Jake Jezioro and Clay Wulbrecht.

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