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George W. Harris: “While politics may separate nations, funky blues seems to bind them together…” Keep reading:

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Dick Metcalf: “Another thing that attracted my ears to the band immediately is that all of the tunes are originals; no covers, only the raw & pure energy of artists who are more engaged because it’s their “own” music at stake…” Keep reading:

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Nick Smithson 8/10: “I don’t know if it’s the diverse cultures the musicians hail from, or whether Jazz is a truly universal language, but this album is a joy to listen to from start to finish…” “This will act as the background to my summer this year. It’s perfect for just about every occasion.” Keep reading:

Midwestern Record

Chris Spector: “#BLOOMERANGS/Horizon Sunset: Guided by the spirit of world beat and second line funk, this bunch doesn’t try to be anything but themselves even if they go from reminding you of a genre busting bunch of hippies from Boston in the late 60s, a bunch of NAC champs seeing how they can amuse themselves and much more…” Keep reading:

WTJU 91.1 University of Virginia

Dave Rogers: “The sound would no doubt catch one’s ear if walking in the city square, both for its lilting quality and its engaging rhythm…” Keep reading:

Semi-Finalists again!

ISC 2016 semi

#Bloomerangs was selected as a Semi-Finalist in the International Songwriting Competition again! Now recognized in the Blues category, the tune “Usual Suspects” was recognized in the 2016 competition which among others, included as a juror Joe Bonalm.phpmassa!

Also in 2015 for the Jazz category, “Young Dads” was selected by jurors Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter and Danilo Perez.

“Young Dads” is part of  #Bloomerangs debut album”Horizon Sunset” and “Usual Suspects” will only be available on the Deluxe digital edition of the album.


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